Gaming Console war: Sony Playstation 5 vs Microsoft Xbox Series X

Gaming Console war

Gaming console war always stayed unanswered to the Gamers Fan base from both side. But there is atleast respect for each other if they have tried both but the Gamers who prefers Sony Playstation Over Microsoft Xbox wouldn’t change his mind and swap his choice and vice versa. It’s a war of sentiments, the feeling of being a part of a legacy that can’t be changed.

As an technical reviewer its very hard to distinguish them by features and experience, both the rivals always try to beat each other and both their R&D team by dragging the finish line Just a little bit further on the next upgrades each time. And the race continues. We are starting the distinguishing the both.

SONY PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 is a beast when coming to the performance and the controller is truly next gen with adaptive triggers. Astonishingly it uses a little bit slower Octa Core 3.5ghz AMD processor which supports upto 10.28 TerraFLOPs

with RDNA 2 architecture at 2.23 GHz clock speed which cater 4K quality output at ease, Here this device can be connected to accessories with 4 types of connectivity i.e Wifi, Bluetooth, HDMI & Ethernet and provides 825GB Storage. Lastly coming to the design aspect it is the most sleeky at appearance and gives a spark on first sight.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

Microsoft Xbox may look a little boxy at appearance but underneath there is a technical marvel stuffed inside which is head to head for PS5. So lets dig in whats inside this bad boy? 

This Xbox variant contain 7nm based AMD Octa Core processor which have maximum computing speed upto 3.8GHz which supports 4K output at 1.825GHz GPU working at 12 TerraFLOPs. Sadly you won’t get headset port and Ethernet port for Xbox but 1 TB Storage.

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