The Premium Smartphone Flagship war for buyers wanting achieve the exclusive experience: Apple VS other top 5 phones 2022.

premium smartphone

Premium experience Flagship Smartphones

Premium smartphone company Apple Incorporated has decided to stop its operation in china and operate from India instead in Foxconn Chennai plant. That’s a great relief for Indian consumers but how much? Are the iPhone are going cheap for reducing import duty by manufacturing here in India or still we will have to wait for next price drop. While I’m writing this blog assembling of IPhone in India is at 5% capacity and maybe increased up to 15% gradually until next few months. So apple is still to reduce its price. While other giants in smartphones world are on head to head game on.

I am writing in context with Indian buyers only so all the price mentioned here is in Indian Rupees only.


The IPhone 14 priced for 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB is 79,900, 89,900 and 1,09,900 IPhone 14 Pro priced for 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB 129,900, 139,900, 169,900 & 179,900. And you can take the max variants of these with a 10,000 additional payment. So in this segment other players are placing their best deals under those price tags in 5g flagship having best chipset around.


Samsung came up with with two different variants Galaxy s22 5g Plus and Galaxy s22 5g ultra, where plus will cost for 128GB & 256GB from 69,999 and 75,999 and ultra which comes with additional 4GB ram will cost for  storage configuration 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB about  94,999, 108,999 & 125,999 respectively.


One plus gave a shot here too with the Oneplus 10T 5G and Oneplus 10 5G pro with same spices of Samsung with a better price-tag indeed at 59,999, 61,999 & 66,998. If you grab deals from eCommerce players could squeeze few thousand bucks more.


If it’s a race for technology how can Motorola stay behind? so the underdog keep the race alive with Motorola edge 30, simply putting the tech specs hand in hand for a competition Motorola keeps beating with Indian buying psychology with value for money offers yet again. Although it kept lingering for high buyers with sense holds the mystery in the name of ultra and its funny 200MP camera tweak. You will have to buy the Motorola Edge 30 Pro from 42,999 but for Motorola Edge 30 Ultra variant you might need 59,999.


Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro 5G smartphone’s main attraction is a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset 50MP triple-rear camera, and a 32MP punch-hole camera. With a price tag of 48,990 for 8GB RAM whereas 52,999 for 12GB.


Now the cheapest of the herd is offering the same Chipset and other benefits of Snapdragon 888 chipset essence on a price you are not able to get anywhere else. Realme GT 2 is offering his best blow at 34,099 and the Realme GT 2 Pro variant is priced at (8GB,128GB) 44,899, (12GB, 256GB) 52,699.

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